We evaluated during our visit in Summer 2006 five different sites along the beach north and south of Bacolod. The site had to offer a direct beach access to be able to enjoy the open view of the ocean and the sunsets under the palm trees. Also relaxing water sports like jachting and fishing must be possible to provide for.

The site we were looking for had to be large enough to offer space for 150 units and also the infrastructure and necessary amenities. Therefore an area of 10 ha or more is required. The proximity to downtown Bacolod with its top quality hostpitals, cultural and entertainment institutions and shopping malls was one major criteria.

We are currently focusing on the Villarosa Beach Site and working on the detailed development plans. It offers an area of 118'000m² and has a 500m long beach to the shallow ocean with Guimeras Island visible on the horizon. It is within the Bacolod City limits and only 10km away from the city center.

However some landscaping is necessary for the project. The fish ponds at the back of the site will be partly filled up and a lagoon will be dug out deep enough for jachts and boats. A canal with a floodgate will keep the water level of the lagoon always at high tide level.

The public road from Puntataytay leading through the property has to be re-routed directly to the main highway, so the site can be secured easier and safety for the people living in the Retirement Village is garanteed.

The main access to the Retirement Village will be on the south side, facing the Puntataytay village. A small commercial area with shops, craftsmen and workshops will form a small plaza in front of the entry to the village. The main three story high building with a first class seaview restaurant, guestrooms and all the administrational offices as well as technical service rooms will form an entry gate.

A second wing of the building, connected with passover bridges, will provide for more hobby-workshop spaces and staff rooms in the ground floor and 20 caretaking rooms in the first and second floor. All rooms are designed to meet the specifications for hospital rooms, so elder people who are not able to keep their own household anymore can enjoy their last home.

Beside the restaurant and hotel are the large beachfront leisure pool with poolbar and function hall.

The residential units are simple and modern concrete houses with 2 floors plus a penthouse style third floor with rooftop garden. The houses are clustered along six "bridges". The access to all units is level from this bridge, so there is no need for stairs and all units are wheelchair compatible.

At the street side a utility building is added used for sheltering the technical installations, like rainwater storage tanks, water supply pumps, power supply transformers and generators and central airconditioning equipment. Also there will be a parking, storage and atelier rooms for additional space requirements for the people living in this bridge.
The end of the bridge leads into the lagoon and forms the pier for the boats.

The site is already offering at the north end a natural setting with old roma trees, a small lake and mangrove areas. This will be turned into a natural reservation area and botanical garden, where all the overwhelming tropical vegetation from the dry beach grass and roma trees to mangrove tree and nipa palms as well as a small rainforest with large hardwood trees, orchids and treeferns will grow. Also a retreat for small wild animals and birds will be offered.

The nature park will be maintained by a professional staff and we assume many of the people living in the Retirement Village will enjoy using their "green thumb" to take care of the little tropical paradise.

The development will contain at its final stage the following buildings:

  • Hotel and Administration Building
    - Reception and Administration Office (60m²)
    - Restaurant seating 200 people (200m²) with kitchen and servery (100m²), technical rooms (150m²)
    - 20 guest rooms 25m² each (500m²)
    - Appartment for manager (100m²)

  • Caretaking and utilities building
    - 20 caretaking rooms 25m2 each (500m²)
    - Staff rooms for caretaking unit (100m²)
    - 20 multipurpose rooms for hobby and leisure (500m²)

  • Commercial building
    - 15 rooms for shops, art&crafts workshops (450 m²)

  • Apartment units
    - 50 residential buildings with 3 units on 3 floors with 100m² each (15'000m²), 6 buildings for parking, storage and ateliers area 1'440m²

  • Facilities
    - Swimming pool, jacht and boat harbour, botanical garden and zoo

    Further details >>> Development Proposal Plan

  • Villarosa_Site_320
    Arial view of the site (google earth)

    Road_320 Access road and beach resort July 28, 2006

    Beach_320 Natural sand beach with coconut palms

    Romatree_320 Roma tree at the north end of the site
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